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Why are Clear Aligners the right choice for you?

Clear aligners have come as a blessing in disguise (pun-intended) in solving malocclusion issues including crowding, rotations, and spaces in natural teeth etc., which often lead to misalignment, difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene, increased risk of gum disease and cavities, thereby also affecting your psychological wellbeing. Clear aligners have been gaining popularity in the last decade as an alternative to traditional braces for treating malocclusion as aligners are not only a testament to the technological advancements in dental science but also offer a myriad of benefits like discretion, flexibility, and comfort during treatment over the traditional counter-parts.
Does it make you wonder how do they work if they are so flexible and comfortable? Let us understand briefly what clear aligners are and how they fix your teeth.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are made of thin films of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) which is a transparent, durable, and strong plastic. Fun fact – It is the same material used for making lenses!
Clear aligners are designed virtually and customized using the 3D scans of your teeth and oral cavity so that it snugly fits over your teeth. Aligners operate on the principle of providing controlled force which is similar to traditional braces except for the pain and discomfort of braces. Aligners gently shift teeth into desired positions and proper alignment over time to leave you with not just a beautiful smile but also a fully functioning oral atmosphere.
Let’s chalk out some advantages of clear aligners and why it might be the best fit for you!

Advantages of Clear Aligners

Win-win! Yaay!

Clear aligner journey

Prudentoe dental brings the entire scope of dental treatment right to the comfort of your home with fully portable dental equipment, so that you can relax and get your clear aligner needs addressed without ever having to step out of your home.
If you are wondering what are the steps to getting yourself clear aligners from Prudentoe, read on!

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Why choose Prudentoe dental for your clear aligner needs?

Prudentoe Dental has a team of experienced orthodontists who specialize in clear aligner treatments. This ensures precise fitting, effective treatment, and faster results. Their expertise ensures that you receive the best possible care and guidance throughout your treatment journey.