Prudentoe's GIC Fillings: in Hyderabad

GIC fillings for functional teeth, delivered conveniently to your home by our expert team.

Benefit from our in-house GIC Fillings Services in Hyderabad, prioritizing durability and well-being, right in your home.

Benefits of GIC Fillings

Tooth Strengthening

Minimal Tooth Removal

Natural Appearance

Cavity Prevention

Affordable Treatment

The Advantages of GIC Fillings

Experience functional dental restorations with our GIC Fillings Services in Hyderabad. Prudentoe ensures your comfort and health, emphasizing durability and well-being for a lasting smile.

Natural Appearance

Blends seamlessly with teeth, providing an aesthetic solution while restoring function and structural integrity.

Fluoride Release

Releases fluoride, aiding in remineralization and further safeguarding teeth against decay.

Chemical Bonding

GIC forms a strong bond with tooth surfaces, reducing the risk of gaps or leakage over time.

Cavity Prevention

By sealing off vulnerable areas, GIC fillings help prevent cavities from worsening or forming.

Versatile Application

Suitable for various tooth surfaces, GIC fillings cater to a wide range of restorative needs.

Affordable Treatment

Offers an economical yet effective solution for tooth restoration, promoting long-term oral health.

Important Note

GIC fillings offer reliable tooth restoration, seamlessly blending with your natural smile. To maintain their longevity and ensure your oral health, schedule regular dental check-ups and follow your dentist’s recommendations for proper care and hygiene. Prioritizing these steps will contribute to your overall dental well-being.

Our Process


The dentist assesses the tooth, removes decay, and prepares the tooth surface for the GIC application.


GIC material is carefully placed onto the prepared tooth, ensuring proper coverage and shaping for a natural look.


The GIC material chemically bonds to the tooth, providing stability and minimizing the risk of leakage.


After the GIC sets, the dentist shapes and polishes it to match the natural tooth contours, achieving a seamless appearance.
Why Choose Prudentoe for GIC Fillings?

Prioritize dental function, not just looks, for improved oral health

We provide comprehensive, personalized at-home dental care, not just delivery.

Count on our skilled in-house experts in Hyderabad for top-quality dental care.

Focus on overall well-being, not just cosmetics, for a healthy smile.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of in-home dental services in Hyderabad with Prudentoe.

Tailoring services to your unique needs for the best dental outcomes.

Trust in Prudentoe's quality care, prioritizing your health and well-being.

Recommended for :

Individuals with minor to moderate tooth decay are ideal candidates for GIC fillings.

GIC fillings suit young patients, as they're easy to apply and release fluoride.

Older individuals prone to root decay or cavities benefit from GIC's fluoride release and gentle application.

GIC's minimal tooth removal suits those with sensitive teeth, preventing discomfort during and after the procedure.

Individuals seeking tooth restoration while maintaining a natural appearance find GIC fillings advantageous.

not Recommended for :
Individuals with extensive tooth decay may require alternative restorative treatments due to GIC's limitations.

Those needing large fillings or restorations may benefit more from stronger materials like amalgam or composite.

Patients with significant bite force might not find GIC fillings as durable as other materials.

Individuals seeking highly aesthetic front tooth restorations may prefer materials that closely mimic natural enamel.

Patients with known allergies to GIC components should explore alternative filling options to avoid any adverse reactions.

Aftercare Treatment For GIC Fillings

Avoid Chewing

Refrain from chewing on hard or sticky foods immediately after the filling procedure to allow proper setting.


Mild sensitivity is normal; it usually subsides within a few days after the procedure.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Continue regular brushing and flossing to ensure the longevity of your GIC filling.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Limit exposure to very hot or cold foods and beverages to prevent sensitivity.

Oral Discomfort

If discomfort persists or worsens, consult your dentist for advice and assessment.

Soft Diet

Opt for soft foods initially to avoid stressing the newly placed filling.

Oral Rinses

Use fluoride mouthwash as directed by your dentist to aid in cavity prevention.

Regular Check-Ups

Schedule routine dental visits for professional monitoring and maintenance of your GIC filling.

Report Issues

Inform your dentist if you notice any changes in bite, discomfort, or sensitivity.

Preventive Care

Follow your dentist's advice to prevent further decay and ensure the long-term success of your filling.

Frequently asked questions
What are GIC fillings?

GIC (Glass Ionomer Cement) fillings are tooth-colored restorations used to repair cavities and restore tooth structure.

Are GIC fillings durable?

GIC fillings are durable for small to moderate cavities, but may not be as strong as other materials for larger restorations.

Do GIC fillings look natural?

Yes, GIC fillings closely match natural tooth color, making them a discreet choice for visible teeth.

Are GIC fillings safe?

GIC materials are generally considered safe and are often used for children due to their fluoride-releasing properties.

Do GIC fillings release fluoride?

Yes, GIC fillings release fluoride over time, aiding in cavity prevention and strengthening tooth enamel.

Can GIC fillings be used on front teeth?

GIC fillings can be used on front teeth, but composite fillings might offer better aesthetic results for visible areas.

How long do GIC fillings last?

The lifespan of GIC fillings varies depending on factors like oral hygiene, bite force, and the size of the filling.

Are GIC fillings suitable for sensitive teeth?

Yes, GIC fillings are gentle on sensitive teeth due to their minimal tooth removal and fluoride release.

Can I eat after getting GIC fillings?

You can eat after the filling procedure, but avoid hard or sticky foods initially to allow proper setting.

Can I replace old amalgam fillings with GIC fillings?

Consult your dentist to determine if replacing amalgam fillings with GIC is a suitable option based on your oral health.

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